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Ernest G. Tannis

For over 46 years the Ottawa lawyer has championed a plan to change the way we do justice.

January 1st, 2022 he became a practicing lawyer member with the Law Society of Ontario, in which role he can give legal information, but not legal advice; he no longer acts as a Barrister or Solicitor. We now maintain a Mediation and Negotiation Consultant Practice, is involved in developing over a long period of time, various online educational programs with different partners, for lawyers and paralegals in Ontario and for the general public and busines communities. He is also focusing on a book writing, as a Professional Member of the Canadian Authors Association since 1989.

There has been headway, but it’s slow and limited. Nobody gets through a normal life without running into problems, ranging from person-to-person disputes to criminal charges resulting from bad judgment.

His work as an agent for change has been pro bono. If he were to be paid at lawyer rates for all the hours he has devoted to trying to awaken the public to a better way, he could retire.

Thirty years ago, he wrote a book about the benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and donated the money it raised to the ADR cause. He appeared at no charge in front of any group willing to listen. He helped set up mediation programs in schools, and an ADR alternative program at the Ottawa courthouse. The programs worked, but died deaths of a thousand cuts — of the budget variety.

2010, he launched another book, Is Everybody at the Table? Its subtitle: 18 Life Lessons in Problem Solving. The “lessons” are details of his own experiences and successes in using reasoning, even with courtrooms, to resolve disputes.

Timeline of Ernie the Attorney™

Awards and Recognition

Ernie's 30 year Journey

In 2015 Ernie celebrated his 30-year journey with over 300 attendees at Ottawa City Hall. Hear what Jim Watson, the Mayor of Ottawa, had to say about Ernie’s contributions in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Ernie receiving the Order of Ottawa

Watch Ernie, alongside fellow recipients, proudly receiving the Order of Ottawa in 2015 from Jim Watson, the Mayor of Ottawa. He is honoured to have received this award in recognition of his accomplishments helping others in the community solve problems.